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Core Competencies
With experience in special projects, we take concepts or prototypes to production. We do anything from train, design and produce custom fixturing and processes, to maximizing efficiency and coordinating logistics.

  • 75+ years of accumulated medical manufacturing experience
  • Family-owned company with fast response and turnaround
  • Focusing on customer needs
  • Private label and brand development
  • Training - R&D support on custom processing
  • In-house sterilization
  • In-house R&D laboratory
  • In-house graphic design
  • Compliance

    ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003 Certified
    FDA Registered   l   510k(s)   l   CE Mark
    ISO class 7 clean rooms (class 10,000)
    Our Story

    How We Came About

    In the 1980's Pat Ferguson began his career with the Davis & Geck Suture Company selling surgical sutures. Davis and Geck is one of the oldest suture manufacturers and pioneers in the development of synthetic absorbable sutures [Dexon® is the first synthetic absorbable suture developed by Davis and Geck in the early 70's]. Pat Ferguson went on to represent CR Bard (cardiovascular) and Smith & Nephew Dyonics (Ortho) surgical product lines.

    In 1989, Cynthia and Pat Ferguson founded CP Medical Corporation in Portland, Oregon. CP Medical focused primarily on the manufacturing and development of synthetic absorbable and non absorbable suture designed for all surgical specialties and Healthcare markets. With a growing intellectual property portfolio and aggressive market penetration, CP Medical grew quickly, supplying customers in over 50 countries, making it a significant player for medical devices worldwide.

    In 2004, Cynthia, Pat, and Wayne Black established CP Fishing, creating Bioline® Fishing. The pioneers were able to apply the needlepoint and absorbable suture technology to the production of premium fishing products. Bioline® Fishing focused on creating sharper fishing hooks and a biodegradable fishing line. The fishing hooks made with a proprietary point geometry are now selling today under Eagle Claw's Lazer TroKar® premium fishing hook name. ( After years of testing, Bioline® (linked) has proven to be the first performance engineered biodegradable fishing line ever produced. The profile of Bioline® was adopted from the long-term absorbable suture technology, which gives it a 3-5 year biodegradability when lost in the environment. Eagle Claw now sells it today.

    In 2005, Theragenics Corporation (NYSE: TGX) acquired CP Medical Corp.*

    In 2008, Riverpoint Medical was founded by the Ferguson Family as a specialty Medical Device company that designs, develops, and markets next generation unique medical devices for the veterinary and heath care markets. Riverpoint specializes in needles, implantable bioabsorbable fibers and surgical lighting products (MedLED). Wayne Black, Riverpoint's VP of Sales and Marketing, brings vast experience and knowledge in the medical device field. (Manan Medical Products, CP Medical, etc.) Wayne and Pat combine over 50 years of Medical Device design, develop and manufacturing experience.

    Dedication to Quality

    • FDA registered • Hold ISO certificates 9001:2008 & 13485:2003 • Meets or exceeds USP and GMP standards. •510k(s) • CE Registered • ISO class 7 clean rooms

    *CP Medical Corp. is a registered trademark of Theragenics Corp.

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