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HS Fiber™ (UHMWPE) Non-Absorbable Braided Suture

HS Fiber™ is a braided sterile surgical suture prepared from fibers of ultra high molecular weight, long-chain linear polyethylene.


  • Inter-locking core technology provides all fiber configurations with a sturdy core within center of the suture to act as a backbone for better knot tying and handling characteristics
  • Excellent strength: stronger than steel on a weighted basis
  • High flex strength
  • More abrasion resistance when compared to polyester
  • E-braid construction for better handling and excellent knot strength
  • Vibrant tracer colors with tri-axial patterns for enhanced visibility
Indications: HS Fiber™ is indicated for use in approximation and/or ligation of soft tissue, including the use in cardiovascular surgeries and the use of allograft tissue for orthopedic procedures.

HS Fiber™ sutures elicit a minimal inflammatory reaction in tissues, followed by gradual encapsulation of the suture by fibrous connective tissue. HS Fiber™ suture is non-absorbable and there are no significant changes in tensile strength retention known to occur in vivo.

Ethylene oxide is recommended for UHMWPE suture.
Gamma sterilization is not recommended due to potential loss of suture strength.

HS Fiber™ is available needled or non-needle in pre-cut lengths. Order Sterile in one dozen boxes or on a custom bulk or spool to customer specifications.
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