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Welcome to the most dedicated source for modern day medical lighting. At MedLED, we pioneer the way mobile lighting works in the medical clinic, surgery center and hospital. Using our proprietary select LED modules and technology, lighting needs are being addressed in a whole new way.
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Our Mission

"Freedom without sacrifice. Providing hi-tech lighting alternatives to surgeons looking to be free of cables and expensive maintenance costs without sacrificing basic surgical lighting needs."

Brief History: Since Riverpoint Medical was founded in 2008, MedLED has been operating as a division of the company. The new structuring has given MedLED the tools to excel to the next level. Expect to see faster response to customer requests, newer technologies, and product line expansions.

MedLED Products

MedLED Sapphire™

Premium Headlight System

Item # MLS01
  • General Specifications:
  • • Brightness: 200,000 LUX
  • • Color Temp: 5,000º K
  • • Headband-Integrated Digital Brightness Control
  • • Spot Size: 4-8cm (@ 25cm)
  • • Battery Life: 7-8hrs (LiPO)
  • • Charge Time: 6hrs
  • • 4-Bay Charging Dock Available
  • • Weight: 10oz

MedLED Onyx™

Economy Headlight System

Item # MLX01
  • General Specifications:
  • • Brightness: 100,000 LUX
  • • Color Temp: 5,000º K
  • • Headband Mounted Dimming
  • • Spot Size: 1-10cm (@ 25cm)
  • • Battery Life: 1.5 - 4hrs (3xAAA)
  • • Charge Time: 6hrs
  • • Weight: 10oz

MedLED HyperLite™

Mini Clip-On Light System

Item # MLH01
  • General Specifications:
  • • Brightness: 50,000 LUX
  • • Color Temp: 5-6,000º K
  • • Spot Size: 3.5" (@ 18")
  • • Belt Battery Pack
  • • Charge Time: 3hrs
  • • Battery Life: 11hrs (LiPO)
  • • Weight: 0.28oz bezel
  • Includes 5+ Mounting Options

MedLED Zero™

Binocular Loupe Line

Item # X
(see webpage)
  • General Specifications:
  • • Weight: 2.3oz
  • • Achromatic Lenses
  • • Available Mag.: 2.5x, 3x, 3.5x, 4x, 4.5x
  • • Working Dist. Range: 340-500mm
  • • Mount to Sports Frames or Headlight
  • • Positioning: Interpupillary Adjustment
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MedLED // Brightness, Portability & Comfort

Brightness // Brightest Portable Lights on the Market

MedLED breaks 200,000 Lux with AIRSTRAP™ technology.

ALL-ON-HEAD™ Technology
MedLED uses the newest and most efficient circuitry and battery technology. This eliminates the need for heavy belt packs as we integrate everything into the headband without cutting corners and sacrificing comfort.

Longevity // Reduced Power Consumption, Increase Efficiency, Reduce Cost.
MedLED's AIRSTRAP™ technology gives our products record battery life. It also knocks maintenance costs merely down to zero with the absence of cables, high energy drawing light boxes, and short lived light bulbs.

Mobility & Comfort // Total Freedom
Freedom from cables and belt packs reduce hassle and the risk of chronic neck pains. Walk around the room freely and experience comfort while you do it.

Please refer to testimonials within each product overview.

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History of MedLED

2005               MedLED was founded
                        Launched the MedLED Classic™ Headlight (ML001)

2006               Inititiated new product development phase / invested in new technology

2007               Launched the MedLED Focus™ Headlight System (MLF02)

2008               Restructured company; MedLED became a division of Riverpoint Medical
                        Received ISO 13485:2003 certification and FDA registration
                        Launched the MedLED Focus Pro™ Economy Headlight System (MLF03)

2009               Launched the MedLED Zero™ Binocular Loupe Line (MLX)
                        Built and moved into new 15,000 SQFT facility with ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) clean rooms

2010               Launched the MedLED Sapphire™ Fully Portable Premium Headlight System

2011               Integrated MedLED Magnifiers™ into the product line
                        Launched the MedLED HyperLite™ Miniature Clip-On Light

2012-14           Launched the MedLED Onyx™ Fully Portable Economy Headlight System

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MedLED Versus Others

MedLED was established to take advantage of LED technology as it continues to improve. With advanced research in optics and LED chips, MedLED is able to stay on the cusp of the technology and compete with traditional lighting sources in all areas where there are lighting needs.

MedLED's Distinguishing Characteristics

• Hi-tech battery management - we efficiently manage the use of battery power to limit the amount of waste
• Complete portability – move freely around the room without remembering to move the light box or belt pack with you
• Lower energy consumption – Reduce costs
• More durable – Reduce costs by not having to buy new bulbs or light cables.
• Low Maintenance – No bulb or cable replacement
• Smaller and lighter weight – allows for maximum comfort
• No heat or loud fans – avoid annoyances
• Cool beams – Avoid any more hot beam temperatures

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About LED's

LED Light //
LED lighting has been around for decades. But like anything good, the technology took time to develop into what it is today.

History // The Progression Light

(1) X – Light by Fire

(2) 1879 – Incandescent light introduced

(3) 1907 – LED's (Light Emitting Diode) were discovered

Definition // What are LED's?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. They are solid state semiconductor diodes that emit colored light. An epoxy is used to hold the semiconductor diode and uses a lens to further focus the light.

Benefits // Why should they be used?

  • Tough: As LED's have no glass or filaments to break, they are exceedingly impact resistant, making them much more durable than other light sources.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Because LED's are so energy efficient, rarely break and are pretty much maintenance free, they are more environmentally friendly than most other light sources.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED's require a small portion of power to operate compared to other traditional light sources, making LED's much more affordable to operate because of their small demand for battery power to produce light.
  • Safe: LED's produce incredibly low heat, require little current and are fully encapsulated, thus, making them safe to use near explosive gasses or liquids. They also emit a lot less harmful types of light than alternate light sources.
  • Economical: Because of the efficiency of LED's, less energy is consumed making them resistant to faliure and virtually no expense to operate.

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