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The RP Cutting Biopsy Needle was designed and manufactured for ease of use and optimum efficiency.


  • • Etched cutting notch for better tissue retention
  • • Echo enhanced tip for ultrasound placement
  • • Spacer clip for easy loading
  • • Centimeter markings for depth placement
  • • Electropolished for sharpness and smooth entry
  • • 19mm or 17mm cutting notch for tissue capture


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  • RP Biopsy Needle Ordering

    RP Code

    Style Description Image

    RP 1820

    Bard® Magnum®

    18g x 20cm

    RP 1825

    Bard® Magnum®

    18g x 25cm

    RPM 1820

    Bard® Biopty-Cut®
    / Pro-Mag™

    18g x 20cm


    *Bard® Magnum® and Bard® Biopty-Cut® are a registered trademarks of C. R. Bard
    *Pro-Mag™ is a registered trademark of Angiotech Pharmaceuticals, Inc.