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PDM™ is a synthetic absorbable surgical monofilament made of polydioxanone (PDO).

PDM™ Characteristics  

  • Extended retention strength.
  • Superb handling with exceptional suppleness, and excellent knot security.
  • Monofilament sutures are non-wicking, which helps to reduce bacterial migration along suture line.
  • Violet color allows for better visibility during surgery.
  • High tensile strength throughout the critical wound healing period.
  • Excellent knot security and tie down
  • Superb handling—Smooth Tissue Passage
  • Lower Incidence of Infection and Trauma due to Smooth Surface
  • Reliable absorption profile
  • Meets or exceeds the USP & EP standards

Polydioxanone monofilament synthetic absorbable suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in pediatric cardiovascular tissue where growth is expected to occur and ophthalmic surgery other than contact with the cornea and/or sclera. Polydioxanone suture is not indicated for use in adult cardiovascular tissue, microsurgery, and or neural tissue. PDM™ suture is particularly applicable when extended wound support and the combination of an absorbable suture is desirable.

PDM™ suture may elicit a minimal acute inflammatory reaction in tissues, followed by gradual encapsulation of the suture by fibrous connective tissue. Loss of tensile strength is progressive and absorption of PDM™ sutures occurs by means of hydrolysis.

Tensile Strength
The retention strength of PDM™ is more than 80% of the initial strength after 14 days and approximately 65% at 28 days.

Absorption begins as a gradual loss of tensile strength without appreciable loss of mass. Absorption of PDM™ sutures is minimal until about the 9 weeks after implant and is essentially complete within 6-8 months.

Ethylene oxide.

PDM™ suture is supplied sterile in precut lengths attached to various needle types in one-dozen boxes, also available precut non-needled.

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