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Vilet Q is offered on a suture Micro Cassette by special order only. It is a fast-absorbing synthetic absorbable suture composed of a copolymer made from 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactide (PGLA). The braid is coated with calcium stearate and the copolymer made from 30% glycolide and 70% L-lactide. Vilet Q™ is available dyed(violet) and undyed(beige).

      Design to emulate the performance of Gut Sutures
      Excellent knot security and tie down
      Superb handling—Smooth Tissue Passage
      Reliable absorption profile
      Meets or exceeds the USP & EP requirements

Vilet Q™ braided coated suture is indicated for use in superficial soft tissue approximation of the skin and mucosa where only short-term wound support is required, but not for use in ligation, ophthalmic, cardiovascular or neurological procedures.

Vilet Q™ suture elicits a minimal acute inflammatory reaction in tissue. Tensile strength is a progressive loss that occurs by means of hydrolysis. Absorption of Vilet Q™ occurs when the copolymer degrades to glycolic and lactic acids which are subsequently absorbed and metabolized in the body.

Tensile Strength
Vilet Q™ (PGLA) suture retains approximately about 45% of the initial strength after 7 days

Absorption begins as a loss of tensile strength without an appreciable loss of mass.  Absorption of Vilet Q™ sutures is essentially complete with in 42 days.

Open Exposure Time
Once removed from the foil packaging, product is good for up to 60 days.

Ethylene oxide.

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