Riverpoint Medical proudly announces the grand opening of its Engineering Center of Excellence.

In today’s dynamic global medical manufacturing landscape, the ability to swiftly innovate to meet customer demands is paramount. Innovation is ingrained in Riverpoint’s DNA, setting it apart as the preferred partner for delivering superior products in an expedited manner. With the advent of the new year in 2024, Riverpoint is thrilled to mark this milestone with the opening of its Engineering Center.

Doug King, CEO of Riverpoint Medical, asserts, “Having a dedicated space for some of our talented teams to thrive will immediately enhance the way we deliver solutions to our partners. It marks an exciting step forward as we expand our business.”

The Engineering Center expands Riverpoint’s capabilities and services for existing and new partners, with a primary focus on design and development projects. This customer-centric space will host creative sessions and facilitate the prototype, build, and testing of product samples. The facility includes offices, conference rooms, a warehouse, and a white room, housing dedicated R&D personnel, tools, and equipment.

Nathan Cook, Riverpoint’s Senior Director of Program Management, emphasizes, “The establishment of our new collaborative workspace aims to enhance our capacity for our team and partners to expedite the conceptual development of innovative products, increase our design capabilities through enhanced prototyping and testing capabilities, and facilitate a swift transition into large-scale manufacturing. This facility will continue to support our growth and we look forward to welcoming our customers.”

The Engineering Center will serve as a hub for innovation and technologies, supporting Riverpoint’s design, development, private labeling, and manufacturing of medical devices for human and animal health markets. Core technologies, including custom absorbable and non-absorbable fiber, position Riverpoint as a key player in launching new products and finished devices, such as sterile, 510k, and CE cleared products. Recent expansions include fiber coating capabilities, featuring a proprietary coating technology for integrating osteoconductive bioceramic materials.

Riverpoint Medical invites discussions on its latest capabilities and innovations at the 2024 MD&M West event in Anaheim, CA, and the AAOS meeting in San Francisco. Interested parties are encouraged to visit our booth for comprehensive information and engagement.