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    MedLED® Lighting | Chrome Headlight Family

    Truly Cordless™.  A surgical headlight is necessary for optimal vision and needs to be bright, comfortable, reliable enough and nowadays, cordless enough.

    Most can't do it all: fiber optic headlights are bright and comfortable but keep you chained down to the box; LED headlights are more portable but still have tethered cords across your back to belt battery packs that provide inadequate battery life powering a light that's often dim or blurry.

    MedLED® eliminates that tradeoffs once and for all and sets a new standard with the SlimStrap™.


    Which headlight should I choose?

    Take a look at the MC3 (Clinical), MC6 (Clinic & O.R.) and MC7 PRO (O.R.). Or visit our Quoting Page for selection help and submitting a request. For Brochures and Product Information, please visit our Resource Center.


    Know what you want? 

    Build a MedLED Chrome Headlight Kit today to tailor a light to your needs.



    MedLED Chrome® Family.

    Tailored For Your Needs.



    Be free. Two rechargeable batteries are embedded within the headband. Don't worry about which battery is charged - the batteries talk to each other. With our balanced battery Dual-Sync™ circuit technology, a battery can be changed or charged from either side without losing light.

    Brighter than the rest. With the ability to shine at 275,000 LUX, the unit was designed to satisfy across all specialties within the OR - especially Cardio, Cardio-Thoracic, Spine, Trauma, Orthopedic, Neuro, Urology, and General.

    Easy wearing all day, every day. The patented battery sync headband platform eliminates the need for a cumbersome belt battery pack. The batteries are balanced to provide the perfect center of gravity.

    The 3 joys of modularity: Tailor, upgrade, and replace. The Chrome system offers patented light engine modularity with a range of bezel options that can be swapped onto the headband each offering different beam patterns and brightness’s.

    MedLED® designs, manufactures, and markets next generation surgical lighting devices. With the history of manufacturing state-of-the-art devices like the MedLED Sapphire® and MedLED Onyx®, we bring you

    The MedLED Chrome®

    MedLED Chrome Family


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