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    MedLED® Lighting | Chrome MC3 Headlight (New Onyx)

    MedLED® Lighting  |  Chrome MC3 Headlight (New Onyx)

    Class: E-CLASS

    Brightness: 100,000 LUX (9,300 Foot Candles)

    Battery Life: 8 Hours (Continuous Output)

    Spot Size: 10 – 100mm / 0.4-4” (18” Working Distance)

    Use For: Clinical Setting (Dental & Hygeine, Perio Clinic, Oral & Maxillofacial Clinic, Plastic & Cosmetic Clinic, OB/GYN Clinic, ENT Clinic, Veterinary Clinic)

    Get an MC3

    Quote to get the MedLED Chrome® MC3 Headlight Kit here. This unit is a staple for any medical office or clinic. It provides more comfort and balance than its predecessor, the MedLED Onyx®. For Brochures and Product Information, please visit our Resource Center.

    MedLED Chrome MC3

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