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    MedLED® Lighting | Chrome MC6 Headlight (New Sapphire)

    MedLED® Lighting  |  Chrome MC6 Headlight (New Sapphire)

    Class: CROSSOVER Clinical & O.R.

    Brightness: 200,000 LUX (18,600 Foot Candles)

    Battery Life: 7 Hours (Continuous Operation)

    Spot Size: 70 – 90mm / 2.75-3.50” (18” Working Distance)

    Use For: Clinic and/or O.R. (Plastic, Cosmetic & Recon. Surgery, Oral & Maxillofacial SurgeryNeuro Surgery, Vascular Surgery, OB/GYN Surgery, ENT Surgery, General Surgery, Veterinary Surgery)

    Get an MC6

    Quote to get the MedLED Chrome® MC6 Headlight Kit here. The MC6 headlight is for those on-the-go. Whether it's in the clinic or hospital, this unit gives enough light and battery life to see clearly in both environments. For Brochures and Product Information, please visit our Resource Center.

    MedLED Chrome MC6

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