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    MedLED® Lighting | Headlight Headstraps

    MedLED® Lighting  |  Headlight Headstraps

    MedLED® manufactures Headstraps. See our offering below. For Brochures and Product Information, please visit our Resource Center.

    MedLED Comfort


    "The Slimstrap™ fits like a glove. I forget it's even there."
    The Chrome utilizes the Onyx and Sapphire's flagship Truly Cordless™ quality  while taking the comfort to the next level with the Slimstrap™. It is a very well balanced, screw-less headband design.

    MedLED Modularity


    Tailor, upgrade, and replace - the 3 joys of modularity.
    The Chrome system offers patented light engine modularity with a range of bezel options that can be swapped onto the headband each offering different beam patterns and brightness’s. 


    MedLED Longevity Battery Life


    More power saves time. 
    5 indicator lights show the amount of battery life left. A patented dual battery system provides 4, 100, or even an infinite amount of battery life as the batteries can be changed one at a time keeping the light on throughout the swap.  


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