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    Riverpoint Medical | OEM Products

    Riverpoint Medical  |  OEM Products

    Let us build your future with our products and expertise.

    We manufacture various products and devices that can be tailored or customized in a way that suits your needs. Between our Sports Medicine Fibers & Devices and Wound Closure technologies, we can offer you a complete custom solution:

    • Raw material fabrication
      • Multifilament & monofilament
      • Spools or cut lengths packed in bulk
      • See our OEM Fibers Page for more details
    • Fiber assembly services
      • Continuous loops
      • Stiffening or tipping
    • Device installation (screws, anchors, plates, buttons, etc.)
    • Custom lengths, colors and sizes
    • Extensive Needle Offering
    • Needle attachment

    Riverpoint's Materials & Expertise are used in many products around the world today that help advance surgery. Watch Dr. McCarron explain how we helped with his device:

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