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    A Division of Riverpoint Medical
    Manufactured in Portland, Oregon USA


    The story of the MedLED® Classic.  

    MedLED Story

    It started in 2004 when stumbled upon an LED task. This one was different than any we’ve seen. It was blindingly bright. Because LED’s were getting brighter and more efficient, they were becoming wildly popular for the outdoors and household.

    And then it hit us. We make sutures that are thinner than a hair so it’s essential that surgeons have lighting to see. LED headlights wouldn’t only provide bright light, they give the surgeon something they’ve always wanted – freedom.

    The rest is history – MedLED® was born. We ‘saw the light’ and started manufacturing high-end Truly Cordless™ LED headlights for surgeons. We are the first manufacturer in surgical LED illumination and remain as the only option for truly portable surgical headlights in over 122 countries today.

    Generations of headlamps and dozens of patents later; we’ve gone from the MedLED Classic, to the Focus, Focus Pro, Hyperlite, Sapphire, Onyx and now the Chrome. 

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    The Evolution of Light

    MedLED Evolution



    MedLED: the brand was born

    Launched MedLED Classic™ Headlight (ML001)

    Non-rechargeable, soft headstrap, AAA batteries



    Began market research.

    Found opportunities for LED devices in the human market



    Launched MedLED Focus™ Headlight (MLF02)

    Non-rechargeable, rigid headstrap, AAA batteries



    Launched MedLED Focus Pro™ Headlight (MLF03R)

    Rechargeable, rigid headstrap, AAA batteries

    ISO 13485:2003 certification and FDA approval



    Built new 15,000 sqft facility in NE Portland

    ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) clean rooms



    Launched MedLED Sapphire® Crossover Headlight (MLS01)

    Bright, rechargeable, airstrap headstrap, lipo batteries



    Integrated MedLED® Magnifiers into the product line



    Launched MedLED Onyx® Economy Headlight (MLOX01)

    Economical, rechargeable, airstrap headstrap, lipo batteries



    Launched MedLED Chrome® O.R. Headlight Family (MCX)

    Modular choice of light engine, bright, rechargeable, slimstrap headstrap, lipo batteries



    Launched MedLED Chrome® MC7 PRO (MC7)

    Even brighter bezel module for the Chrome at 275,000 LUX



    MedLED® technology continues to improve.

    There is a growing demand in the hospitals clinics and surgery centers for portable lighting that is brighter with longer battery life. With advanced research and development in optics and LED’s, MedLED® is able to stay on the forefront.

    Take a look at the Chrome MC3, MC6 and MC7 PRO.

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