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    Biomedical Performance Fibers

    Riverpoint Medical understand the needs of specialty implant projects large and small. Many custom implants require high tenacity, stability, biocompatibility, predictable absorption profile and material know-how. RP specializes in processing sensitive biomaterial fibers and can help fulfill your project needs.

    Design | Manufacturing | Extrusion | Braiding | Testing | Validation | Technical Expertise | Vacuum Drying | Predictability | Quality Control


    Absorbable Fibers

    PGA & PGLA Yarn

    Polyglycolic acid (PGA), Polyglactin 910 (Polyglycolide-co-L-Lactide)
      • Beige (Undyed) or Violet
      • 100% medical grade multifilament-oriented yarn
      Sizes (Denier): 45d, 56d, 75d, 128d, Others available upon request


      Other Absorbable Biomaterials

      • PDO
      • PGCL
      • PLLA


      Non-Absorbable Fibers

      • Polypropylene
      • Nylon (braided or monofilament)
      • UHMWPE - High Strength Polyethylene
      • Polyester


      Other Biomaterial Capabilities

      • Rod Stock
      • Tubing
      • Chopped Fiber
      • Precision Cutting
      • Braiding / Twisting
      • Coating
      • Colors


      Bobbin Winding Operation

      Material Bobbin Winding Operation


      Braiding Eye Operation

      Raw Material Braiding Eye 


      Fiber Bobbin Material

      Raw Material Fiber Bobbins 


      Various Raw Material Packages

      Raw Materials for Braiding 


      Spool Profile

      Raw Materials OEM Spools

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