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    Specialty Medical Device Manufacturing
    Since 2005

    Riverpoint Medical designs, develops and markets next generation medical devices for the Veterinary and Healthcare markets.

    As a flourishing specialty device manufacturer in Portland, we are one of the only suture manufacturers in the US and stand as innovators in synthetic absorbable and orthopedic suture materials. We also manufacture cutting edge LED surgical headlights and have a full line of oncology needle products.

    We are focused and fast to respond to the market and thrive on innovation to continuously improve the way surgery is done.

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    Our Team


    Dedication to Quality

    Riverpoint Medical maintains a comprehensive multiphase quality control program that provides assurance of adherence to design specifications through all phases of the manufacturing process. These requirements ensure that Riverpoint’s components are produced by the process described herein and consistently are manufactured for the intended use.

    Riverpoint Quality Assurance personnel regularly audit all aspects of processes in order to ensure that operations are performed according to the approved departmental procedures and are in compliance with the United States FDA Quality System Regulations and the ISO 13485 Quality Systems Standard.


    Core Competencies

    With experience in special projects, we take concepts or prototypes to production. We do anything from train, design and produce custom fixtures and processes, to maximizing efficiency and coordinating logistics. 

    • 75+ years of accumulated medical manufacturing experience
    • Family-owned company with fast response and turnaround
    • Focusing on customer needs
    • Private label and brand development
    • Training and support on custom processing
    • In-house sterilization
    • In-house R&D laboratory
    • In-house graphic design


    See Who We Are


    How We Came About


    Pat Ferguson began his career with the Davis & Geck Suture Company selling surgical sutures. Davis and Geck is one of the oldest suture manufacturers and pioneers in the development of synthetic absorbable sutures [Dexon® is the first synthetic absorbable suture developed by Davis and Geck in the early 70's]. Pat Ferguson went on to represent CR Bard (cardiovascular) and Smith & Nephew Dyonics (Ortho) surgical product lines.



    Cynthia and Pat Ferguson founded CP Medical Corporation in Portland, Oregon. CP Medical focused primarily on the manufacturing and development of synthetic absorbable and non-absorbable suture designed for all surgical specialties and Healthcare markets. With a growing intellectual property portfolio and aggressive market penetration, CP Medical grew quickly, supplying customers in over 50 countries, making it a significant player for medical devices worldwide.



    Cynthia, Pat, Patrick, and Wayne Black established CP Fishing, creating Bioline® Fishing. The pioneers were able to apply the needlepoint and absorbable suture technology to the production of premium fishing products. Bioline® Fishing focused on creating sharper fishing hooks and a biodegradable fishing line. The fishing hooks made with a proprietary point geometry are now selling today under Eagle Claw's Lazer TroKar® premium fishing hook name. After years of testing, Bioline® has proven to be the first performance engineered biodegradable fishing line ever produced. The profile of Bioline® was adopted from the long-term absorbable suture technology, which gives it a 3-5 year biodegradability when lost in the environment.


    2004 : MedLED™

    John Ferguson started the brand, MedLED™, in Portland, Oregon. With a passion for lights and engineering, John kept pushing the limits of LED's to make them brighter, lighter and longer lasting.

    With the mission to free surgeons from the shackles of traditional lighting cables, MedLED™ became the go-to brand to address surgical lightings' biggest drawback once and for all.



    Theragenics Corporation (NYSE: TGX) acquired CP Medical Corp.*



    Riverpoint Medical was founded by the Ferguson Family as a specialty Medical Device company that designs, develops, and markets next generation unique medical devices for the veterinary and heath care markets. Riverpoint specializes in surgical suture wound closure (bio-absorbable fibers, needles, and implants), sports medicine sutures and implants (HS Fiber®), surgical lighting (MedLED®), and oncology products. Wayne Black, Riverpoint's VP of Sales and Marketing, brings vast experience and knowledge in the medical device field. (Manan Medical Products, CP Medical, etc.) Wayne and Pat combine over 50 years of Medical Device design, develop and manufacturing experience.

    Registered with the FDA.

    MedLED® became a Division of Riverpoint Medical.



    Riverpoint Medical completed FDA registration and received ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certification. A 510(k) for biopsy needles was received and construction on class 10,000 cleanrooms completed.



    Received ten 510(k)'s for full suture line, completed in-house EtO sterilization installation and validation. By late 2010, Riverpoint was the 2nd in the world, behind Ethicon, to introduce the Suture Racetrack technology to the world.



    Expanded cleanroom production by 2X to accommodate new worldwide demand



    Riverpoint engages with OMEP and completes an entire facility, production and quality processes LEAN implementation



    Expanded the facility to encompass the city block and built state-of-the art class 10,000 cleanrooms with over 6,000 sqft. of production area



    Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP) chose Riverpoint Medical to receive the Patrick R. Murphy Leadership Award. The award recognizes outstanding leadership, job creation and commitment to quality among Oregon’s top manufacturing companies. Established in 2011 by OMEP, the annual award was named for Patrick R. Murphy following a career dedicated to driving Oregon’s manufacturing industry. 



    Today, Riverpoint continues to manufacture innovative specialty medical devices sold in over 75+ countries; in parts by exceeding the highest quality standards of the latest MDR and regulatory requirements. Our expertise is highly sought out by medical device companies large and small. They consider our team of industry leading engineers, material processing experts, and skilled technicians as standing above and beyond the rest. Being vertically integrated allows projects to move quickly and get to market with exceptional results. Come visit us for a tour!


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    *CP Medical Corp. is a registered trademark of Theragenics Corp.

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