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    Service Your Headlight.

    48-Hour Turnaround with MedLED's Signature Service. 


    1. Check with our Troubleshooting Guide to ensure your unit needs to be serviced (coming soon). If you would like to Trade Up your headlight, Contact Us for information.

    2. Obtain RGA number using form below to send unit in with.

    3. Ship your unit to us at Riverpoint Medical, 825 NE 25th Ave., Portland, OR 97232

    4. We will repair within 24 hours, collect payment if outside of warranty, and ship back to you.


    Fill out my online form.


    Model & Serial Number Guide 


    MedLED Key

    MedLED Onyx® (Now the Chrome MC3)

    MedLED Onyx

    MedLED Sapphire® (Now the Chrome MC6)

    MedLED Sapphire

    MedLED Chrome®

    MedLED Chrome
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