Custom Fibers

Initial Concept
Development and Prototyping

At Riverpoint Medical we can support you from initial concept development and prototyping, up to and through, large-volume manufacturing of high-quality custom absorbable and non-absorbable fibers such as UHMWPE, polyester, PGA, PGLA, and many others.

Prototype Testing
Custom Braiding Configurations

Custom Braiding Configurations

We offer unique custom configurations for all of your braiding needs. Including:

  • Custom lengths
  • Custom sizes and anchors
  • Custom sizes for large / small joints
  • Unique device design for cardiovascular valve manufacturing
  • Custom colors and patterns

Fiber Packaging

Our products can be provided in many different packaging configurations such as:

  • Bulk Spools
  • Heat tipped
  • Custom length cut bulk suture
  • Assembled custom finished devices
Fiber Packaging

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