Premium Suture Needles

Our 300 series needles are made from a proprietary steel blend which is mechanically processed to make the material harder while still retaining high tensile strength.

This enables the needles to have very sharp points and great durability while maintaining their flexibility. The same steel blend in our needles is used in the demanding human cardiac and plastic surgery areas where it has displaced more conventional needles.

Suture Needles
Cobra Black® Suture Needles

Cobra Black® Suture Needles

Our CobraBlack® needle is a patent pending design that enhances visibility, especially in blood and smaller surgery sites. The CobraBlack® needles eliminate the hindering glare from the operating room lighting. The needles are more distinguishable than the standard stainless steel needles.

Cardiovascular Needles

Our eyed needles are specifically designed for cardiovascular device manufacturing to maximize production efficiency and reduce scrap rate during manufacturing.

Our needles are made from 300 series stainless steel, which has greater tensile strength, is less brittle, and has higher ductility.

Cardiovascular Needles<br />
Cardiovascular Needles<br />

Brachytherapy and Applicator Needles

Our brachytherapy needles are electropolished and designed for sharpness and siliconized for easy insertion. They are mirror-polished I.D. for a smooth, easy seed deployment and echo-enhanced tipped for ultrasound visualization.

Biopsy Needles

  • Etched cutting notch designed for better tissue retention
  • Echo-enhanced tip for ultrasound placement
  • Spacer clip designed for easy loading
  • Centimeter markings for depth placement
  • Electropolished for sharpness & smooth entry
Fiber Packaging

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