Riverpoint Medical is thrilled to announce its success in securing its first FDA 510k’s for OC Coating Technology.

Osteoconduction, the process by which bone-forming cells migrate across a scaffold and replace it with new bone over time, has long been a pivotal aspect of orthopedic innovation. Recognizing the limitations of traditional materials used in orthopedic textiles, Riverpoint Medical has revolutionized the field by enhancing orthopedic fibers and implantable textiles with coatings of widely used bioceramic materials. These coatings aim to create an innovative biologically active surface for orthopedic and dental textiles. Until now, osteoconductive coatings in implantable textiles have been limited in their availability.

Riverpoint Medical’s proprietary coating technology integrates osteoconductive bioceramic materials into the surface of the medical textile, offering a revolutionary biological solution for various medical devices. With patents granted and pending worldwide, this technology ensures exclusivity and adds significant value to Riverpoint Medical’s partners.

Doug King, CEO of Riverpoint Medical, stated, “This marks another pivotal step for Riverpoint Medical in delivering novel solutions to advance the quality of medical devices for our partners and patients. It truly is a breakthrough in the realm of biologic coatings designed to enhance bone fixation and healing.”

As an emergent player in the global medical device and healthcare sectors, Riverpoint Medical is actively driving innovation for implant technologies. This strategic advancement offers an opportunity to explore the latest developments and successes.

Edwin Anderson, Riverpoint Medical’s VP of Regulatory, added, “This FDA approval is a significant milestone for Riverpoint Medical, now publishing six 510k clearances in 2023. This demonstrates our passion and continued mission to develop impactful new technology.”

Riverpoint Medical is pleased to present these innovations at the 2024 MD&M West event in Anaheim, CA, and the AAOS meeting in San Francisco. All interested parties are encouraged to visit our booth for in-depth information and engagement.

About Riverpoint Medical

Riverpoint Medical is a leading developer, designer and manufacturer of medical devices focused on advanced surgical fiber related technologies. Riverpoint has a strong history of industry leading product innovation and development across bioabsorbable suture and high strength suture-based implants and constructs. Riverpoint employs a business-to-business model through multiple channels and enjoys partnerships with many of the top Global Medtech Companies in the world.

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